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Which Window Wood Shutters should I buy?

Wooden shutters are one of the best window treatments you can go for. They are not only beautiful to look at but also durable.

Wood shutters may be made of –

# Oak and Maple – These woods are durable but the shutters would become heavy. Do not install them in windows that have to be opened and closed every day.
# Basswood – Basswood is one of the most reliable woods. The wood has a uniform texture and grain. Basswood shutters are lightweight and can be used for any type of windows.
# Pine and Cedar – Pine and cedar are soft woods. So, if you live in a place with moist climate, the shutters may warp easily.
# Faux Wood – Faux wood shutters bring you the best of both worlds. They look like wood but are more affordable and can be used in any windows or rooms.

Things to Remember while Buying Wooden Shutters

Pay attention to the quality of the window wood shutters. Buy only ones that have been made from high-quality materials. Less than the best quality will ruin the look of your home’s décor.

If you want only the best, go for real wood plantation shutters. But if you are operating on a budget, buy faux wood shutters. Faux wood shutters made from a blend of wood and plastic.

Faux wood shutters are affordable and resistant to water. That means you can install them in the kitchen and bathroom windows too, without worrying about moisture damage.

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