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The Blinds and Shutters Houston Blog

The Blinds and Shutters Houston Blog

Control the heat in Houston with Plantation Shutters

Posted on 3/18/2014 by SuperUser Account in Plantation Shutters Heat Control Glare Control

Plantation Shutters retain the architectural features while controlling the afternoon heat and glare; solving the problem of the weather in Houston elegantly and effectively.

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During Houston’s Summer or Winter, Plantation Shutters provide protection from the elements, including the sun’s heat and glare (always present in our beautiful Houston), and insulating rooms from the cold by providing an extra layer of warmth and protection. The louvers can be adjusted for air flow as required. Due to the fact that the shutters are rigid, they will not rattle in the breeze that is so common in Houston.

At the same time, Plantation Shutters provide privacy from the outside world, yet still allowing light and airflow through the adjustable louvers, which can be angled either up or down; allowing you at the same time to control the amount of light or privacy you

Cellular Shades Houston

Cellular Shades Houston

Cellular shades are the revolutionary shades that can reduce energy consumptions, often referred to as honeycomb shades and offer various degrees of light filtration and cordless alternatives which are making them safe for children and pets.

Cellular shades are environmental friendly that can reduce energy bills and it will also help keep you cool in wicked Houston summer and Warm in winter season. These shades are come in a multitude of fabric widths, creating them the ideal solution for homes with wide and large windows.

The Main Benefits of Cellular Shades:-

  • It offer varying degrees of insulation from the heat, cold and sound
  • Enhancing your home’s energy efficiency
  • These shades offer coordinating solutions for rooms with broad windows