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Cellular vs. Solar Shades

Window shades can help you create just the right ambience for your spaces. But apart from the looks, there are several practical reasons for getting window shades for your windows.

One important reason to get window shades is they can help you control the amount of light or heat that gets inside a house or a room. Better heat and light control makes your house energy efficient.

Two modern window shades options are solar and cellular shades and both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Cellular Shades

Cellular or honeycomb shades are made from a pair of fabrics or sheets, with one side facing indoors and the other facing out. The side facing outwards reflects sunlight to prevent heat absorption. The air that gets trapped between the two layers also provides insulation from extreme heat and cold. Cellular shades can keep your rooms warm during winter and cool during the hotter months.

Solar Shades

Solar shades can also control glare and filter harmful UV rays. Solar shades are available in different options –

  • see-though shades that filter some light but do not obstruct your view completely
  • thick blackout for bedrooms where you need complete privacy and light control

Solar shades are ideal if you want to allow air in and diffuse harsh sunlight at the same time. See-through fabrics can be lined with thicker fabric for better light control.

If you are looking for cellular or solar window shades in Houston, check out Shades and Shutters or call them at 281-301-5680 for a FREE estimate and the best options for your windows. Shades and Shutters has been manufacturing and distributing quality window treatments since 2004, throughout the Greater Houston Metro area.

Which Window Wood Shutters should I buy?

Wooden shutters are one of the best window treatments you can go for. They are not only beautiful to look at but also durable.

Wood shutters may be made of –

# Oak and Maple – These woods are durable but the shutters would become heavy. Do not install them in windows that have to be opened and closed every day.
# Basswood – Basswood is one of the most reliable woods. The wood has a uniform texture and grain. Basswood shutters are lightweight and can be used for any type of windows.
# Pine and Cedar – Pine and cedar are soft woods. So, if you live in a place with moist climate, the shutters may warp easily.
# Faux Wood – Faux wood shutters bring you the best of both worlds. They look like wood but are more affordable and can be used in any windows or rooms.

Things to Remember while Buying Wooden Shutters

Pay attention to the quality of the window wood shutters. Buy only ones that have been made from high-quality materials. Less than the best quality will ruin the look of your home’s décor.

If you want only the best, go for real wood plantation shutters. But if you are operating on a budget, buy faux wood shutters. Faux wood shutters made from a blend of wood and plastic.

Faux wood shutters are affordable and resistant to water. That means you can install them in the kitchen and bathroom windows too, without worrying about moisture damage.

If you are looking for window wood shutters, check out Shades and Shutters or call them at 281-301-5680 for a FREE estimate and the best options for your windows. Shades and Shutters has been manufacturing and distributing quality window treatments since 2004, throughout the Greater Houston Metro area.

The Blinds and Shutters Houston Blog

The Blinds and Shutters Houston Blog

Control the heat in Houston with Plantation Shutters

Posted on 3/18/2014 by SuperUser Account in Plantation Shutters Heat Control Glare Control

Plantation Shutters retain the architectural features while controlling the afternoon heat and glare; solving the problem of the weather in Houston elegantly and effectively.

During Houston’s Summer or Winter, Plantation Shutters provide protection from the elements, including the sun’s heat and glare (always present in our beautiful Houston), and insulating rooms from the cold by providing an extra layer of warmth and protection. The louvers can be adjusted for air flow as required. Due to the fact that the shutters are rigid, they will not rattle in the breeze that is so common in Houston.

At the same time, Plantation Shutters provide privacy from the outside world, yet still allowing light and airflow through the adjustable louvers, which can be angled either up or down; allowing you at the same time to control the amount of light or privacy you

Cellular Shades Houston

Cellular Shades Houston

Cellular shades are the revolutionary shades that can reduce energy consumptions, often referred to as honeycomb shades and offer various degrees of light filtration and cordless alternatives which are making them safe for children and pets.

Cellular shades are environmental friendly that can reduce energy bills and it will also help keep you cool in wicked Houston summer and Warm in winter season. These shades are come in a multitude of fabric widths, creating them the ideal solution for homes with wide and large windows.

The Main Benefits of Cellular Shades:-

  • It offer varying degrees of insulation from the heat, cold and sound
  • Enhancing your home’s energy efficiency
  • These shades offer coordinating solutions for rooms with broad windows
Solar Shades Houston

Solar Shades Houston

Solar shades are among the most versatile windows they serve as an excellent shield against solar heat by diffusing bright sunlight in your home’s nearly all sundrenched spaces. With our extensive selection of style and fabrics you can create the accurate glance that will helps keep your cooling costs down during the hot summer months.


Features that we provides:

  • Clean, streamlined appearance
  • Protect floor coverings& furnishings
  • Mostly fabrics are available wide widths with effective solution
  • Relief from heat and glare
Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood Shades

The latest and most beautiful way to outfit your windows is transforming your home into a retreat with woven wood shades. It is the fashion forward design option with natural material such as straw, grass cloth, sisal, or bamboo; these window coverings add texture, dimension and a touch of the outdoors to your decor.   


Benefits of Woven Wood Shades for your home decor:

  • It offers 80% to 95% UV protection
  • Liner option blocks additional light
  • Motorization available
  • Room darkening lining options available
Roman Shades Houston

Roman Shades Houston

Window Shades Houston

Window Shades Houston

Window Shades is top rated window treatment used in home and offices. They offer the same quality as curtains and the concise and controlled appearance of Window Shutter and blinds. Custom window treatments give you precise fit in your window opening, which not only looks great but insulates better. Window Shades come in wide range of pattern, color and style. Shades cover a window to mange sunlight, privacy, noise, waterproofing and more.

At Shades and Shutters we offer Window Blinds at affordable price, we have a wide range of variety in term of colors, shades and design. We offer roman shades, woven wood shades, solar shades, cellular shades, silhouette shades, pirouette shades, duette shades, vignette shades, roller shades to change your home and office appearance and provide luxury looks.

Benefit of installing window shutters are:

  • Increase the Energy Efficiency
  • Cost Effective
  • Light Control
  • Allow Better Privacy
  • Can Save Money on energy bills
  • Increase the value of you office and home
  • Provide a luxurious touch